Partnering With You To Get Right To The Source Of The Problem

Cogent MD will ensure that all areas of your body are working towards the same goal that delivers health and aesthetic satisfaction and that your lifestyle is enhanced not encumbered.

It has been said that functional medicine is the future of conventional medicine. Certainly, it looks to move on and progress from the disease orientated approach of the 20th century. In functional medicine the focus is on the patient and the root cause of the symptoms; where the conventional approach is to concentrate, merely, on those symptoms.

Cogent Medicine takes things a stage further and can include the science of nutrigenomics in its treatments and therapies.  Nutrigenomics looks at how individuals respond and react differently to their diets.

We all know people who heal more quickly than others; people who never get bitten by a mosquito; people who get over a cold in 24 hours; those who never seem to get ill. Often, we’re thrown that catch-all phrase, ‘’It’s all down to genetics’’. The 70 year old with great skin and the ‘ripped’ athlete all have, ‘’ Great genes’’. Well, that’s probably partially true. But there is a bit more to it than just genes.

Environmental factors can have a great effect on our health and how we respond to contact with germs or bacteria; how well we heal after a broken arm or a cut finger. Don’t just take a pill for the back pain, get a more appropriate mattress or ergonomically designed office chair.

Nutrition, too, is clearly a factor. It’s not just a matter of a healthy diet and an effort to achieve maximal health. People process food differently. Women, for example, process alcohol far more effectively than men- hence they’ll be affected more quickly by less. A sunbather will require less vitamin D from their diet than someone living in a colder climate.

Likewise, aesthetic therapies vary in effectiveness from person to person. Everyone is different.

At Cogent MD, we look to combine the science of functional medicine and nutrigenomics to ascertain the optimal treatment for an individual not a ‘type’. For us, each client is a one-off. Each client is unique and is treated as such. In this way we are able to maximize the effect of each treatment and the longevity of its effect.