Skinovate was born 12 years ago because I was interested in Laser Technology and how Light could improve skin conditions. I was convinced this was the Elixir of eternal youth. However, with time I realised that on the one hand using Lasers, injectables, cosmeceuticals did improve the skin this wasn’t the elixir because you skin continually evolves as well, under the influences of environment, “life” and most importantly what you were given to start with….your DNA.

Some people just have great skin and look younger for their age, genes have a fundamental role to play in that. If some how we could all have that. The answer to that is we can’t.

However we can work with what we do have. This is where Nutrigenomics comes into play. The only long term solution for skin. Nutrigenomics is the science of nutrition and genetics which discovers different ways people respond to food based on their genetic make up.

The old buzz word “we are what we eat “ really does apply. To look “good” , “young” or “fresh” on the outside you have to start with the inside. Know what foods, supplements and other lifestyle factors will optimise health and rejuvenation. For example , should you be keeping a regular check on how much Vit D you take, because there are variants or SNPs (pronounced “snips”), which make it more difficult to make the vitamin D hormone. Is resistance training better for you than aerobic exercise, or vice versa? There is a wealth of information that can be acquired these days with Genetic Testing, however its applications as treatments or an adjuvant to better health is what Skinovate offers in addition to Aesthetics.


Associate Member of British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM)

Fellow Of the Royal Society Of Medicine (UK)

Fellow American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery

M.D (Dominican Republic); Fully registered with General Medical Council (UK)